Launch a digital product every 30 days with help from a group

Join a group of ambitious people that will all launch something 1x/month

500+ people presubscribed to this project

Change the trajectory of your life in 30 days

Simple process. Insanely effective.

Come up with a great idea

With a dedicated instructor and talented members, we'll help you find the best idea to build. We'll even help you build a backlog of ideas for the future.

Be accountable to the group

You may have tried building a digital product before. What was missing? Accountability. We all keep tabs and group up regularly to talk about progress and eliminate blockers.

Get 10x feedback on your product

You'll walk away from sessions with new ideas, ways of thinking, and systems to help you launch a great product. We're all committed to being helpful for you.

Ship a product every 30 days

You'll learn years' worth of tactical info. More importantly, you'll have a launched product under your belt making you money.

Show me the curriculum first

Before We Start

What to expect in the next 15 days
Forget the word "perfect"
Simplicity wins
Don't overthink it


What makes a digital product great
What products would my audience like?
What content do I already have?
What idea should I pick?
How to get feedback on your idea


Tools needed to build
Automation and setup
Coming up with a good name
Writing a product description
Designing product images
Creating the content
How to price a product
Making your landing page


The art of pre-launching
Discounts, coupons, and freebies
Social media promotion frameworks
Using your email list to promote
Follow-up DMs on launch day

What can I expect if I join?

TL;DR → a whole lot of awesome results. Longer story ↓

Docs full of new ideas

Multiple ideas for this project, or any future project.

1 product every 30 days

A live product that can make you money and receive updates

Sales coming in

Haven't made your first dollar online yet? That ends here.

System to repeat success

A proven framework to take with you so you can do this again and again and again..

OK cool but... Is Launchables for me?

When are the group calls held?

There is a group training held once per month. This is led by Blake Emal and will be focused on topics that come up often over the course of each month. These sessions will last 60 minutes and will be recorded.

Can I join if I don't have an audience?

Yes! The core purpose of this community, above all, is to give you the systems to build a great digital product. If you follow the process, you'll likely find yourself building an audience anyway.

How much time will I need to invest?

That's up to you. I recommend spending one hour per day working on your product. You can do more, you can do less.

How is the material taught?

You receive access to the full course material. You also join a Discord group of fellow launchies where you can learn together and gather feedback. Blake is also there to mentor and give feedback.

What if I don't have an idea yet?

Then this is the perfect place to come learn how to generate one! The first portion each month is dedicated to finding and deciding upon your digital product idea. You also have time to get feedback.

What do you mean by "digital product"?

These are typically smaller projects. Full apps and websites are probably not a great fit for this. Consider creating a template, spreadsheet, eBook, course, video series, newsletter series, etc.

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