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Launchables Premium

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for full access to the community

Access to Blake

Tips on sales copy

Idea brainstorming help

Monthly training sessions

Guided help through ideation

Forever access to Discord group

Guided help through building the product

Guided help through publishing the product

Guided help through promoting the product

Frequently asked questions

Is Launchables only available in the United States?

No, Launchables is available to anyone in the world that wants to join! Please note that all sessions are being built out based on Mountain Time Zone in the USA, but as long as you can join the sessions and keep up with the group: you're free to join us.

What do you use to communicate with members?

The community is run across a few different tools. Discord is used for text conversations and accountability. Zoom is used for monthly trainings and guest speakers. Twitter (as well as other social networks) is used to share progress publicly and promote products. Gumroad is used to set up products and sell them. Notion is used for templates and documents.

What is the schedule each month?

The first few days are all for intros and ideation. By the end of the first 7 days, you will have an idea for a digital product you'll create. The largest portion of the cohort is actually in building and planning launch (takes around 2 full weeks.) Finally, the last 7 days end by setting up promotion and launching. After the product is launched, the community remains intact to gather feedback from the group and chat about next projects.